Sharon Credit Union

Sharon Credit Union currently has 29,968 members. Sharon Credit Union's address registered with the NCUA is 30 Pond Street, Sharon, MA 02067. James L. Carlson is the Manager or CEO of Sharon CU. Sharon Credit Union was chartered in 1956 and its charter number is 67836. Sharon CU reported $381,607,234 in assets.

Sharon Credit Union is a member of the Massachusetts Credit Union League.

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March 30, 2015

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Sharon Credit Union Locations

Sharon Credit Union Massachusetts 781-784-7725

Sharon Credit Union Sharon MA
30 Pond Street, Sharon, MA 02067
42 Pond Street, Sharon, MA 0206

Sharon Credit Union Mansfield MA 100 Forbes Blvd., Mansfield, MA 02048
Sharon Credit Union Foxboro MA 121 Main Street, Foxboro, MA 02035
Sharon Credit Union East Walpole MA 2 Union Street, East Walpole, MA 02032
Sharon Credit Union North Attleboro MA 31 North Washington Street, North Attleboro, MA 02760

Sharon Credit Union Financial Evaluation

Sharon Federal Credit Union had total assets for the year of $336,215,150. They had total loans of $217,889,334 giving them a net worth ratio of 12.42. The total membership for the year was 32,886. Their investment to assets ratio was 31.34 and loan to assets ratio of 64.81.

Sharon Credit Union had a membership of 31,098 producing total assets of $298,644,164. Their net worth ratio was 12.96. Their investment to asset ratio for the year was 29.90 and total loans for the year were $199,318,033.

Sharon Credit Union had Total Assets of $263,221,684.00 and Total Loans of $192,123,801.00. Loans to Assets Ratio rose to over 70% ending the year at 72.98. While the number of members increased only slightly, the Net Worth Ratio climbed to 13.94.

Sharon CU had a good close to the year by increasing their assets to $269,608,135.00. The credit union membership enjoyed an increase in their Net Worth Ratio at 12.94. Total Loans were $187,993,695.00 giving a Loans to Asset Ratio of 69.72.

Sharon Credit Union ended the year with $266,633,944.00 in Total Assets. Total Loans to members were $180,843,938.00 giving Sharon CU a Loans to Assets Ratio of 67.82. Sharon Federal Credit Union enjoyed a Net Worth Ratio of 12.35.

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