Credit Union of The Berkshires

Credit Union of The Berkshires was chartered in 1939 and its charter number is 67758. Credit Union of The Berkshires's address registered with the NCUA is P.O. BOX 554 744 WILLIAMS STREET, PIITTSFIELD, MA 01202. As of 10/30,CU of The Berkshires reported $19,803,605 in assets. The credit union currently has 2,850 members. It's Manager/CEO is Ozias C. Vincelette. The credit unions website is

Credit Union of The Berkshires is a member of the Massachusetts Credit Union League.

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Credit Union of The Berkshires Financial Evaluation
Total Assets: $20,548,773.00
Total Loans: $8,333,290.00
Net Worth Ratio: 10.76
% Share Growth: 2.64
% Loan Growth: 11.61
Loans/Assets Ratio: 40.55
Loans/Assets Ratio: 53.97
Numbers of Members: 2,750
Number of Full-time Employees: 4.5
Total Assets: $20,098,541.00
Total Loans: $8,550,623.00
Net Worth Ratio: 11.9
% Share Growth: -3.43
% Loan Growth: 2.6
Loans/Assets Ratio: 42.54
Loans/Assets Ratio: 52.92
Numbers of Members: 2,810
Number of Full-time Employees: 4.5
Total Assets: $19,725,822.00
Total Loans: $9,024,764.00
Net Worth Ratio: 13.07
% Share Growth: -3.15
% Loan Growth: 5.54
Loans/Assets Ratio: 45.75
Loans/Assets Ratio: 49.85
Numbers of Members: 2,656
Number of Full-time Employees: 4.5

March 06, 2015

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